DCT = dream come true

(-_-) With closed eyes, he prays. He thinks that once for all, his life is gone. He wont be spared with this charged looking children. He then decided to face them. He thinks dare. He quickly opens his eyes and take his all belongings ! The crowd is still far from him. He comes on the road and stands still. The children were approaching. He firms his grip over balloons and wait for his disposal. But he was surprised that the children were getting slow by now. Their face were dull. Their shoulders were bent by the bag. Those bottles were empty they started to pour the water on ground. The sound slowly diminished. It really looked like they were out from a prison. Out from a long working time. What surprised him, made him less enthusiastic. He hope if some children will buy balloons. Few children came towards the boy. They were surprised to see him and He was surprised to see them all in same dress. He saw their clothes appeared to be in non teared condition. He saw them all wearing some sort of footwear, he never had. Then they were speaking something he didn’t understand. He was laughing when they laughed. Then a boy asked in local language ? He smiled and replied. Again all were laughing,. Another schoolboy asked him in regional language, he answered that also. Again all laughed. He thought all are Happy because He said something funny. Then a gal came forward and asked a balloon, he un-pluck one and asked for 10 rupees. All became angry on him and suddenly their tone changed. The loud tone reminded him of his family when someone speaks loudly, the beating would be followed. But what would he can do, they were many. He simply refused and pluck the balloon back to bunch. To his surprise, the gal in a decent manner put forward a note to him adding “Please”. The sweetest word he ever learnt till his birth. He smiled and handed her the balloon. The other school children patted him and he was delighted to be the part of the deal. All children purchased the balloon. His sale rose tremendously. He was giving them balloons one by one. He sold 10 at a shot. He sensed a friendship. And then out of his curiosity, he showed his prized possession to the children and ask his questions.

To be continued…

Linking to #NaBloPoMo Nov:24

4 thoughts on “DCT 8

  1. Hello, discovered your blog today. You write so well 🙂 I am loving your DCT series so much and looking forward to the next edition with eagerness. The cloud of thoughts in the kids mind is so pure and all he wants is to discover what is inside the book and what does it contain ! So uncomplicated ! Loving it, please keep writing.

    When you have time please do visit my blog too (created only yesterday) and let me know what you think. Thank you.


    Regards, Amit

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