#ThankFul Thursday

This Thursday I am thankful for two main reasons.
1) Blog and 2) Health

Blog because I write it. I create it. Its a space where I can put my thoughts.
Blog is such a pleasure giving activity. Blog made me happy a times.
I write with my heart and I feel thankful that I am evolving at a faster rate.

Health as I have given a slot of my life to it. Heath is wealth and our food is the bridge that connects both. From last few months I feel better as a human, when I walk, jog and stay fit.

Blog is a perpendicular world. We all blog and we blog unique. it is magical.
Health is the key to better Living. We cant take it for granted.

Blog is a place collection of mindful people who as a community wires, share, do critics and help us to improve, its a collective work.
Health on the other side is personal. What we eat-think-sleep affects it much.

But on 1 note of similarity, Blog and Health needs our inputs to do better.

So this Thursday, think of this two points as I thought too.
I am thankful and I wish everyone a great Health.

Happy Thanksgiving. Have a blessed life.

Linking this post to the #ThankfulThursday and Cheers to Tina and Amrita for the prompt. Stay Blessed.

Celebrate Life

7 thoughts on “#ThankFul Thursday

  1. Heath is wealth and our food is the bridge that connects .
    This is practically my blog Healthwealthbridge explained.Except I believe the bridge is our mind for better health and wealth..Thank you so much for writing with us on #Thankful Thursdays.
    It’s a pleasure reading your thank you list.

  2. These are 2 good things to be grateful for! ☺ It’s good to keep a healthy body and mind and I believe blogging helps in keeping a healthy mind. Not only does it serve as a venue for release of our thoughts and creativity but it’s a good way of interaction with others too.
    Im grateful for blogging because I get to know people who I would never have met without it! ☺

  3. indeed health is the only wealth that goes off if don’t take care , We must be thankful to God for being Healthy & away from any diseases as well pray for those who are not healthy , thats amazing thankful Thursday post πŸ™‚

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