DCT = dream come true

Life is like this, he have to set ourselves. From Door to door, from roads to roads, he started selling balloons. He got punched, he got abusive words, some people even throw him. With every fall, he stood up smile inside and went away. He thought the money which was the siesta of Life, now seems hard. He went more to people to have balloons, but that day none was interested that day. He had a life, but a life which is centered around those notes and coins. Not for himself, but for the family. Noon arrived but was good, He sold only few, and was a hell tired. So he decided to sit under a shade of tree and count some money ! One by one he started counting he counted in his way, first put a coin in the place, like one, then put another one like two coins,its called a pair, like eyes, then make a pair of pairs, two pairs like hand and leg, then ears, nostrils, etc, He counted like that… And stopped at 6 pairs, so he had 12 coins. He knew about 10, but this time 2 more were there. He was tensed. He started sweating. He checked again. Suddenly a bell started loudly. And then stopped. His heartbeat paced fast. He assumed that Hell is here to punish him. Suddenly a thud sound accompanied with some clasping of gate he hears. And then what he saw made him almost cry… A large very large numbers of children with school bag and water bottle rushed out with a loud cry, as if all were free from some sort of prison. All were so loud. He got frightened. Little soul, he prayed, but didn’t know what to pray. Gathered all his money and look upward towards the Sun and closed his eyes. (-_-)

To be continued…

Linking to #NaBloPoMo Nov:23

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