DCT = dream come true

After the overload Joy, He went to sleep, content and satisfied. He doesn’t even looked at stars, he ignored them as the Gods ignored the most important wishes of human. But then he was a child, a poor child, who lives in a society , which is divided and does not allow him to have any rights. He was not aware of those unsaid rules laid by the society. In the process, he was uneasy. He went silent to night. He had moon as a personal assistant whom he would offer share the things that hurt him, but for the book he had a confusion and less clarity. He knew about colors from the balloon business. Albeit the book cover had more Colors he had ever seen. The words were unknown. Meaning of them, forget it. So he was devising a plan. In the next morning, we woke up as the sunrays hit his face sharply. He stood up, with folded hands he look at soon, bow down his head. This was his daily part of spirituality he learnt from family. He was tired as hell from yesterday’s roaming. But he stood up, before he gets scolding and beating. 

He stood up, got ready and went out for the search. A search for life. 

Life is like this, he have to set ourselves.

Linked to #NaBloPoMo Nov22 


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