DCT = Dream come True.

With the astounding power of Words,
There would be freedom from the slavery,
There are lines invisible in haze of poverty,
He wants to conquer the Sky,
He wants to read and Write,
He Holds the book and Cry,
Asking the Almighty, Whats His fault ?
One day he stood aside a road,
where people were walking in daily chore,
He saw none have legs, no complaining yet,
Some have sticks some had no clue,
But they still walk like they know,
They had a Grace and it looks so,
A white can He saw, He thought for a while,
Too out his book, and sit aside,
He thought to himself,
He has several ways to run,
many feet to have fun,
He has two real feet,
and rest are resting in mind,
to keep the words safe in place,
After all whatever we speak,
We know what it brings,
He went to the sale,
He said good words and sell those balloons,
Some with Wit, and some with good words few.

He came, He Saw and He conquered.

Linking to #NaBloPoMo Nov:21


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