DCT = Dream come true 
Part 3

The sun rose, right from the horizon. The poor face sun directly, where for the rich, sunrays has to make efoorts. Efforts to penetrate the concrete jungle, then glasses of doors and window and finally enters the room where air conditioning is working 24 by 7. This is the reason, we have become cold blodded in the sense of our being cozy. A little boy who slept with stars in her eyes, keeping a book by his side rises from the bed. He had the same spark and energy, once Alexander the great had to conquer the East. For this boy all the energy needs to be stored in his daily work. The salesmanship of a balloon boy. He went inside the home. The breakfast offered to him was a scolding and slaps on cheeks, followed by a pinch hit by wooden rods on bum and hands. He has no choice but to bear it. The boy almost cried; daily. Hands and Back aching to hell, the morning ritual followed for not being able to bring back good amount of money. And additional slap for saving (hiding) money from gaurdians. He said we wanted to return but was given another slap to shut up. He felt sorry and asked for forgiveness. Both were accepted as He was the cashcow of home and then he got Tea and some Biscuits for a whole working day. He took his bag and went to the world of hypocrites and societies were people are more grieved for everything they can. They want equality for everyone more than equality of being self. He started walking out, reached a shop of ballons. From his pocket he took took out cash of highest denomination currency note. The shopkeeper tried to cheat him asking for 10 rupees more. He said he will pay tomorrow, but the greedy shopkeeper denied the balloon pack. He tried to convince him and then the shopkeeper agreed. The shopkeeper knew that selling balloons is the weakness of little chap so he tried to cheat him. The boy then requested the shopkeeper for a favor. He took out his book and ask the shopkeeper to tell him what’s this. The shopkeeper said this is a book a novel a reading epitome. He was amused, confused and curious. He said to tell him what’s all this. But the shopkeepers has other tasks so he said for knowing this he has to study. He was unsure what shopkeeper said, but thought of something tough very tough that even shopkeeper didn’t achieve in life. His curiosity rose to level 2. He started walking towards his selling zone to sell and earn.
He started to fill air in the balloon. A hell lot of energy is needed as a child but he did. A lot of 10, 15, 20 and so on. With the information on his discovery, he was happy. A happy mind does more always. So he did too. Sold 50 balloons that day. He was amazed to the money he earn. With this thoughts in the late evening he walked to his hut.

…..to be continued

Sometimes happiness comes to us.

Linking to #NaBloPoMo Nov:19


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