Dream come true 2

That night he felt uneasy. The stars appeared bright. He was sleeping outside his hut as the place couldn’t accomodate all. He drifted from here and there. After a long try, we stood up. He went to the back of his hut where he kept that book. He saw that book again. A picture appealed to him. He kept his hand on the cover and gently slide it as if he wanted to feel. He then dive into the book, that blak imprints were the words, letters and alphabet of a language unknown to him. He was puzzled, he observed it. He saw that every page has the imprints uniformly. He got an idea, He went to his bed and grabbed the money he earn today. He saw an orange colored 10β‚Ή note and tried to compared it with the book but he went clueless. The trick didn’t work. He kept the money inside the book and felt good.

He learnt investing in books, he learnt saving and he now has the curiosity about the book. This book brought revolution in his life, all of sudden. He kept the book closed though his Heart didn’t allowed. So he took his book with him and decided to find out what his Discovery is in real world.
This is how a seed of curiosity is vowed in his mind.

to be continued….

Linked to #NaBloPoMo Nov18


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