Social media information

This picture depicts the social media, we plan/are already using.
I thought can one social media can
Even do all in place ? Do you feel having more conversation on social media ? how does it helps ?
Have you ever try to distance yourself from such clinging social media ?

 Get the answers in no.

1)  Name anyone social media which serves all…
2) how social media conversation helps you ?
3) Have you ever distance yourself from gripping social media?

Waiting for your response…

Pic courtesy : Google 

#NaBloPoMo Nov.16


    5 thoughts on “Social media information

      1. This is a fact that the social media entity we choose depends on the purpose need to be solved, I got this pic and thus realised why Pinterest and Instagram and even others can’t serve for me replacing Twitter’s discover. πŸ˜‚ Thanks for reading. Hope you got it right

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