Birthday !!

Its my birthday today.
The day when we remembers our birth. A day special to every one. I am not saying my birthday a Happy Birthday, and there’s reason for it. So, whats a day in my Life, today is only different from normal day. Remembering the Almighty, the supreme power above all, a new day starts. In the morning, we exchange the wishes within the family, then the immediate family comes with their wishes, no fancy or high gifts, no show-off to anyone, plain wishes, the traditional ways. We as children have a lot to do for the family and the Mankind. The Clan message comes and the Royals shares their blessings and gives an Honor. This tradition is long now. The rest of the day is usual routine, part of which I devote with special children. Children are children, be it specially able/under privileged, I spent my time with them, i sat at the road’s end and talk with the children selling balloons, their eyes speak a lot. I mostly feel for them, the stage of life they are at make me feel. Then came the time to meet the children at NGO, talking with time flew, I feel for them. In the evening they asked me about the science, as I spoke them the little things in a plain manner, I saw spark in their eyes, the quest of knowledge,had a dance with them sharing food which may seem common to us but for them none less than a feast. At last I meet the some special kids of 70+ who were in old-age homes. I feel for them. Once they poured love, everything and at last this is… Well they are loosing teeth but their memories for life is so real, you cannot imagine. Sitting next is such a bliss. A Life, it takes a life to empire and a second to blow all away ! They always sing songs and Give me Marie Biscuits with full cup of Tea. I couldn’t control my tears. This cup was full of Love. I felt little and shallow. This is a such day, will never ever forget, when I close my eyes, first thing comes to me is that I am so PRIVILEGED and in the mean time so poor too. I call that I have a Life, I have facilities that are world-class, I have a status quo, I have proficiency over things, my hands and mind is working fine, but whats the use of such Life, if it’s of no use if it does not uplift the others. It’s like you have a pen and paper, but your words…. Many a times it happens that something happens to us and we try to avoid it, but never try to think from another way around. We follow routine and we miss beauty. I have a plan for this. A dream Plan. A Life that celebrates itself.

Select a path,
follow by Heart,
Dream and Conquer,
A life is less for one,
Spark the Lamps of Smile,
A dream that world rejoices;
Shaped by Love,
A messenger of Hope.

Nov:10 #NaBloPoMo

26 thoughts on “Birthday !!

  1. Very beautifully and seriously written. There was more than mere materialistic happiness in your writing. As a child, I assumed birthdays were meant to dress like a fairy and get treated honorarily. But as I grow, I understood there is more than just a birth reminder on that special day.
    BTW, I too fall on the same November😁. Hope you had a best experience and life lessons there. Belated wishes:)

  2. A lovely message. You have such a kind heart. I find your line about missing beauty especially important: “We follow routine and we miss beauty.” God gave us the eyes to see beauty everywhere. That is a real birthday present! Happy Belated Birthday and Best Wishes.

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