Wink ๐Ÿ˜‰

THINGS that she does,
One by the wink,
Other by Smile,
sometimes by kiss,
And sometimes she gets angry,
That CutiePie face,
When down, falls Grace,
But when laughs,
Rises thousand splendid Suns,
Every blood cell oxygenated,
And fills Colors, into my Canvas,
Life full of Plain strokes,
With Her every passing by,
I feel full-moon bright,
I doubt when she is silent,
Is she ok, or brewing might,
Sometimes I talk, most time,
I listen to Her,
To realise, the spells,
The charm of Being with Her,
SHE IS AROUND and youll know,
Why I say her name, and Spill beans..??

Linking to #WedShadow. Picture prompt. 


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