Ask, and its given ; seek, and found; knock, and it opened for you.

The moment, coming from your memory,
If you become alone when my soul rest in peace,
I request don’t shed your tears,
We will be away from a day, a life,
But I don’t come back the vacation,
Talk to my uniform talks about me,
I passed away serving my mother nation.
I will be there with you always,
A wish apart, don’t shed your tears, dear.

Look at those the stars, who witnessed our moments
Count all those good things we did,
I’ll come and meet you in your dreams.
Like rain meets Earth with and lightning comes,
Earth like our heart gets filled up a bit,
In that moment, feel me like breeze,
Touching your hair, your waiting eyes, and your soul,
The sound of your bangles, that sings my heart,
I want smile when your heart calls me,
not tears on your closed eyelids,
don’t shed your tears,
As These tears make me weak,
don’t cry dear, don’t let tears be in your eyes.
You are brave as Lioness, a soldier’s better-half.

to be continued….

Linking to #NaBloPoMo Nov5

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