This post is Sunday post on Happiness.

    If someone asks what is Happiness to me ?
    I would answer in two parts,

    1. Ice-creams and cakes
    2. Peacock Feather (morpankh) and Sun.

    Cakes and Ice-creams because they are sweet and represent my childhood, in which I dreamt of various types of flavor and only imagine it. I was so happy when the Movie “Charlie and the chocolate factory” was released. I watched N times to feel it. Something as a child I never thought of. Chocolates flowing, here and there. We as a child demand chocolates more from parents, relatives and even as a bigger kids we expect our beloved to gift us chocolates.  In my life cake entered very late, I am a cake person who doesn’t like coffee much, but then Cake is something that test all the Taste buds to get the feel. When I eat cake, I feel I am in different world. Cakes are stress Busters like chocolates.

      Second is Morpankh, it’s value is intrinsic, it connects with soul. The strands, the shades, the texture, it’s a philosophy in itself. πŸ˜€ The Sun is the Core of Family. The Sun rules Life. It’s a living positive vibes radiator. The Sun is the struggle, the phase, the shine and the shade, the warmth and the wrath. πŸ”†

      😊 So this makes Sunday a happy Sunday. SUNDAY IS FUNDAY.

      Linking this post to #Happysunday 


      19 thoughts on “Happiness

      1. I can connect to this post so much! Cakes and ice-creams are essentials on my cheat days. I love them! I have something for peacocks…not just morpankhs. Saris…jewellery…I have them all.

      2. “Cakes and ice creams” Oh I really am in need of some now exactly! I have this habit taking ice cream when I am angry. I don’t know how this started or how I managed to hold this particular habit.
        Peacocks on the other hand remind me of my college days, the early mornings and the beautiful breeze!

        1. Yes, we all love ice-cream, given to the fact that it not only melts the anger, it soothes the pain and elevates the mood, I like peacock feather because it has its own aura. Thank you for reading !

      3. Well, I love cake but ice-cream not sure. I have had pretty bad tooth aches and I feel scared to eat ice creams offlate.
        Peacocks are pretty πŸ™‚ So, their pankhs are too!

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