Once upon a time you were darkness, but now you are light, so walk as children of light.

We all have just one opportunity, one life,
Come out and conquer everything we ever want,
What we have to do Seize it or let it slip?
Sweaty forehead and weak legs, our minds so heavy,
Filled with ego, anger and we can vomit on anybody,
We look fine facially,but inside it’s all vicious nervous,
We drop pods on others and call for cry lullaby,
We keep notes of Verses, but forgetting the words wrote down,
Then comes the whole crowd, wild and so loud,
If you open your mouth, their fear won’t let it out,
We choke inside, still dine with everybody,
Should we blow them or snap back reality.
But we hop here and there like a Rabbit,
We are all sad, that’s we’re so mad,
We know that we won’t have it, still tie ourselves with these ropes
Those false hopes, letting others accept the way we are,
What they do is literally folly, they dope us with sanity.
We can tear this whole pro-sting preaches like dogs caged,
Come out and change all mood then, start from beginning then,
Let the pain inside amplified by the partitions,
Because man, these people want goddamn stamps,
But for us Time gets hard, and even harder,
To this point, I have come so long,
But you gotta formulate a plot, or end up like them;
Being true to yourself is only option, copies not,
We cannot grow MiFi old in rotten lot,
So here I go, with a kind advice,
Fall Mightily but, never be like them, convert,
Although its only accomplishment that we got.

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.  – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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#NaBloPoMo (Nov4) Fall should totally be canceled already !
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