It the Sun with whom I have been, and is honest all the time. Yes you heard the correct thing. The Sun is our nearest star. The sun is also important in mythology and in Tales.
I walk in the morning, when Sun rises, I walk to home when Sun sets.
In the noon, when I walk to have my lunch, sun is overhead just like an upper crust. So my routine is complete with sun.
The Sun is the first astronomical object I learnt during school.
Prior to that, We as a family count Sun as Holy.
So given a chance to be completely honest without regrets,
I would take a leave and talk to Sun and will discuss my life and struggles.
I still remember, it was a Sun-Dial i made my first experiment,
In college, I come to know about Sunspots, and lot more.

So one day, I will take leave and talk to you Sun.
I will start with greetings, and will ask him about his whereabouts.
I will say thanks for 5 things that I learnt from knowing Sun.

1. We describe you in love, because Even After All this time
You never said to the Earth, “You owe me.”
It happens only when there is Love and Thus Your Love Lights up the whole sky !

2. You are the truth, time and be with us forever.

3. You are Power, Glory and Vitality. The source of life on earth.

4. You are the wheel or circle always radiating on Eye.

5. You made us, you inspired us, you protected us.

Give us the inspiration to be Light.

This post is linked with #NaPloBoMO
Nov 3 : If I could be completely honest with no regrets,
I would talk to Sun and say Thanks !

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