The most brave act, we do something, sometimes is often breaking the ice. It’s not that straight forward. It needs a lot of prep too. 😊

When I was in 12th grade, I have seen in my case that , breaking an ice in any talk was not only difficult, but very crucial. I still remember talking to my friend for the first time we met. We knew that we are goinga to be besties. I was so nervous I tell you, i was quote anxious too. First when we met, I was a participant in an competition, second , friends and teachers were also a case to consider. Third and foremost She was a girl. 😊
Then, we had girls in our school, but they were already friends and known, we have atleast one conversation. So it was really difficult for me to be brave and start talking to her. She was school representative, managing the function.

Eyes 👀 which were like arrows around the bow called eyebrow. 👁

The Bindi on forehead, the tinkling sound of anklets, Her soulful voice, among the people’s noise, her smiles reached me far from miles. I just got up, while friends were sitting and making fun. I thought to be brave and said excuse me… She was rushing, but something happened and she turned turned back. In a slight Moody tone she said “Yes….” This was the first time I acted brave actually to talk to unknown gal. 👰

I raised my query related to the competition and she answered it.

She went and Then what happened was, I won the competition, I ate the after competition snacks, I took her smiling memories, and waved good bye to her. Later we became friends and things were different. 

The motive is that we have to be brave and bold sometimes. 

Destiny favors the most, who persevere.

I was thinking why that happened, I still got no clue today. 😀

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