Sacred dream of heart, o Love,
So sweet, when Love blooms inside me.
None of your love letters in the world,
Can explain heart beats for Love.
O Love, you are rising like sun,
warm and sip of coffee, i need your Kiss,
You shine when  life faded my colors,
lead to monochrome and then blackness,
Without you, your courage, I’d fallen million griefs,
Numb now to the inseparable yearnings.
But Your lies n cheats, felt like bullets,
I cant feel life, so much pain,
all i want to fall like shooting star,
in your arms, in night sky, so none can watch us ?
This is what I Wish right now,
I equally hope, i disappear and never call back,
SO the I let the story unfold,
And when our love struggles in the cosmic dust,
But a nasty plan enters my mind,
I put down the weapons, and love you more,
And you confess, sorry !!
But I disparage to to right, no linger,
No next time, I put On fire,
With covering up my slang;
What I did with you, your grave understood,
To be back to life, and listen to mix-tape,
And ignite my Love band,
SO for sanity and humanity,
I get rehab, but that doesn’t gonna change more,
May be I should pretend more, one more time,
I try music, they say you’re crazy,
Oh I say Yes with a wink.

This post is linked with #NaPloBoMO

Nov1 : When having a bad day with mental health, I try music to myself.



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