The last post of #NaBloPoMo . The last post of #Blogbuddy . Will miss you guys,  Ruchi, ShalllzzZ, Humaira, Rohan, Ashwini, Omkar, Samjoths πŸ˜€ Linking to #NaBloPoMo Nov:30 Blog buddy 3.0



DCT = dream come true (-_-) With closed eyes, he prays. He thinks that once for all, his life is gone. He wont be spared with this charged looking children. He then decided to face them. He thinks dare. He quickly opens his eyes and take his all belongings ! The crowd is still far … Continue reading DCT 8

#ThankFul Thursday

This Thursday I am thankful for two main reasons. 1) Blog and 2) Health Blog because I write it. I create it. Its a space where I can put my thoughts. Blog is such a pleasure giving activity. Blog made me happy a times. I write with my heart and I feel thankful that I … Continue reading #ThankFul Thursday


DCT = dream come true Life is like this, he have to set ourselves. From Door to door, from roads to roads, he started selling balloons. He got punched, he got abusive words, some people even throw him. With every fall, he stood up smile inside and went away. He thought the money which was … Continue reading DCT 7


5 things brings smile on my face... 1) Read a letter, card, or email from loved ones. (Letters carry the soul of the writer) 2) Getting a hug from childrens ! (Its like Sun in winter) 3) Making art-blog-chai. (Chai is maintainance of Life, Blog is Patience of Life, art is eternal) 4) Reliving the … Continue reading #webshadow2