Gala Dinner !

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The official blogbuddy 3.0 is announced. We are all geared up to fire up each other, and will be going live from Tuesday 1st of November. This means that November will be a kick ass month in terms of blogging. I am in team #TheMagicalPot . In our team we are 8 people including me. They are me, Shalini, Sam, Ruchi, Rohan, Ashwini, Humaira and Omkar.

Last night, we have invited all the teams and Blogchatter for a gala dinner, a meet and greet kind of evening. Of-course the team members arrived. This is my second post in Blogbuddy campaign and I thought to write the coverage of the last night dinner party hosted by team #TheMagicalPot under the host Blogchatter. Hope you will like it.

The teams invited are #WriteOn #blogtrotters #writeaholics #blogbusters #InkMagic #patronusbuddies  and #TheMagicalPot as the host. Althugh we as team have announced all the teammates, but its said that know your fellows too, so in the same mood this dinner party was to cheers the blogging sphere.

The venue was spread in whooping 10 acre lush green lawns. The wind was slightly cold. The entrance bear the #Symbol for our team alongside the Blogchatters Have a look..

The logo is symbolic for our teams and its ideas. We promote Life. We are Pro-Life.


The music was on, loud and clear… The song first played was “Wakhra Swag” by Navv inder and Baadshah..

The mood set on and soon the guests poured in walked on the red carpet along with the gifts they brought for us as a mark of gratitude. The guests were holding the invitations which we sent. Have a look at the invitation of the gala dinner also….

TMPPost 1.pngThere was a small stage setup where the known ones can have a photos and the selfies too.

Soon all the guest arrived at the main area where the dinner was ready to served.

Soon the people started chatting with each other, some known faces, some first timers,

some well-known, some under-known personalities we present. Some were winners of the Blogchatter contest and some were the patrons of blogchatter. Team Blogchatter helped us a lot. Their support was invincible(if I allowed to say). Soon the sound stop and we

#TheMagicalPot team appeared on a huge yet confident stage… The people started giving their kind attention towards the stage. I was the youngest so I started welcoming all. Then came Ashwini and said the Vote of thanks to all. Next came Ruchie and she briefly explained the events of the dinner, Shalini came and discussed the food and flavors served. Sam came and explained the guest about the surroundings, Omkar quickly came on stage and shared the anecdotes and made people giggling all the way and finally Humaira came and spoke concluding remarks and Team Blogchatter representative was presented a momento.

The food was carefully catered and prepared under the guidance, the lights we used in  the lawn was running on the solar power. The water we had we kept a check that it wasn’t wasted in any case.

The guests were so lovely and all nice.  The team names were announced and the corresponding  members from the raised a toast and they share few of their lesser known fact with the sphere. Each representative took about 5 minutes on an average and expressed the idea of the team in brief. it was a good time. People were cheering everyone who spoke every single word for the blogging. The bloggers were all they and thus cheered the idea, that expanded from infinity and back. Soon the clock sounded and We started the music of Sia- Cheap Thrills..

The dance was on, people danced somehow and then slowly the music diluted and then the food take us to the last level of the gala dinner. The interactions the autographs, the ideas soon taken back by the food we served and people were so happy, they commented on the whole event generously.  I said thanks to all of the team members who were presented on the magical pot gala dinner night. The team members are listed below with the Twitter handles where we know each other more than ever.

Thank you all for reading this post. Have a great time ahead.

Soon the buzz alarmed and we parted with a sweet note on Diwali.

The festival of light. Light is symbolic for enlightenment, which we human crave.

Cheers to all the teams and their team mates. We are one as bloggers,

Team divides, Blog Unites. ONE.


 Celebrate Life.


Please note I have got “1 million US dollar”  to promote Sia,which will be distributed as prize money among all these members like as in “Malamaal weekly ” happens. Blogchatter is wonderful, so are the people* and This is a purely fictional post.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

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