BlogBuddy 3.0

Blogbuddy 3.0 is here.


Today, Its an honor to announce the team with the Blogchatter, It has been a great journey with the Blogchatter, where I met Rom, who inspired me start blogging, from then I revived my blogging activities and the blogchatter as a whole, has been kind enough. Blogchatter is a platform where bloggers* unite and talk Blog. My journey with Blogchatter helped me about blogging and I must say they are really good at it. If i were a sword, they had been a sandstone. Finally the blog is our strength, Blog is our spirit. Cheers to Blog and to all the bloggers who are in this campaign.

#TheMagicalPot members are:


 is a blogger, poet and an author !

ruchis28 is a bloggerexpresses recipes, reviews and is on a foodie journey !

rohank01 is a bloggerlearner , and a poet exploring various aspects of relationship !

is a blogger, Sunshine, shadowed, and lives with a subtle smile, a poet too !

  is a blogger,reader, explorer and observer !

  is a bloggershares a share a slice of her life for books, movies, music, food, travel !

is a blogger, on a journey to create and share content to inspire our readers !

is a blogger, writing about words heart whispers to him deals with life’s musings.

As the Blogchatter suggests the best time is ahead now, This is a Blogging buddy campaign and We all are Blogger. OMG ! Yes That’s True.

Let us Blog and pen thoughts till last breath.

We are participating in Blogbuddy 3.0  with Blogchatter .

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