D23 Game


I Look to Heaven, holding your hand love,

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I see you as an angel of peace,
Love is Guardian angel that protects us,
We have traversed through all of our tears,
Not  to reach the gate and pushed away,
When the Holy name stands open wide,
Why the scene looks like we fall,
But they don’t know all will burns like a flame,
Any ground that I claim, they won’t substantiate.

So what is my life, without you and Love,
If I don’t believe, there is someone to do it,
Let us free from those, and
Take all my chances, and dare like He did,
To create a place where peace and Love reside,
Than that we’re searching for,
Under the shadows of war they are into,
Why I asked in your name?
Only A God knows, all in the game
It’s all for money aside,
To follow and get the gates,
And they’re all around playing the same,
And they claim, to Love you, and understand you
will they all know, we are not aloof,
Soon we’ll all know, Let’s See,
Let us play the game,

to be continued……

Linking to #Dailychatter  Day23


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