D22 Name


"Why in Your Holy Name"

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Life don’t dwell on dreams only,

Else forget to live…

So this what we do to life,
First we establish the belief, in mind and in heart,
And pretend for society as they watch us,
We follow and fulfill their dreams,
But outside we are Taken and Do opposite,
We chance, and radioed those who dare, to love us,
And what of our world ,hypocrite we become
When the damage is done, we all cry foul,
And you held out, you said no; but won’t stand up
Only God knows, all in the game of Money,
And It’s all in your Holy name,
To Carry everyone into the gates of,
They’re the same, It’s all in your  Holy name !

My heaven is You, Your Love,

These rules, These People won’t understand,

I love you and it’s a new dimension,

I created with you, and I will follow.
………….To be continued.

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