D19 Chance


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Why someone will come for Help,
And thus I said One more chance at love

Chance for searching space who is going to make me complete,
To demystify mysteries of my own self, He is my true flame; all the warmth of his love an Be my true flame, and give me all the warmth,
Your love and your endless love beckoning,

I love and I love its Joy, terrifying to be open and pure,

Like Earth behold the Lightning that strike in rain, You on Me.
No Hurt, No Bad, Let Life Be, and hard to breathe,
I feel #caffined Heart and cold like October,
Let Us see, Our Heart blooming canopy of comfort.

All we need is, the most sacred dream with you,

And love rising like the sun to embrace LIFE .
Let us Give a chance, for the hardship, and dreams. Of Life.
….. to be continued

Behold! I tell you a mystery. We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed,
Linking to #Dailychatter  Day18

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