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When Love returns, it raises voices and they will see it with their own eyes.

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We believe it they ramble on exact things,
And talking about someone, whose deeds,
But then Let us weave our hands together,
Broaden the space, between us, as friends
Without worrying or false thinking, about telling or asking
even rule out the “why” and spelling out choices,
So let us Unite and think of being One,

Because when Love returns, it get voices.

So let them Think of them as being
As they couldn’t hear those voices. 
A heart’s voice only whispered face to face,
Which weaves the bolder space between  us,
So let them be guessing, asking and telling,

Why we let out our own choices ?
As if they were seeing, those voices,

but wont believe until they see those voices,

They will see it with their own eyes;

Let the love return from Paradise.

….. to be continued

Linking to #Dailychatter  Day17

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