D16 Space


The Spirit of God is the Spirit of love.

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What we want in our life,

What we make it.


Beloved, let us love one another,

because love is from God,

and everyone who loves is

born of God and knows God.

I write what we thought or might think about 
Because Life is real and its so hard.
People Moving flipping virtues, like mobile faces
What we wotnesss by the ear,
Our eyes cannot trace “what’s on people’s mind”?

So when you see me bad,
Please put space that hold us as friends
And in where we can talk being neutralise,
Not like we ignored, sweeping voices
Then we will sound face to face, hands unbound
Please put a the space, atleast weave that space

We believe it they ramble on exact things,
And talking about someone, whose deeds,

….. to be continued

Linking to #Dailychatter  Day16




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