D14 Hurt


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Continued from……

cause she never felt like I’ve given,

The cause, the failure and the anti-remedy !

As I grieved because it doesn’t matter any more,

I am waiting, all flooded, when she’s gone,

And they warned, I must know her,

But I said, I love her,

All my dreams and happiness,

She was a friend and journey too,

Now all I can do, is to relive it again ?

Perhaps, there’s more to come,

To be profane, she may fly to her dreams,

She had my hand, and break it bad,

All I feel is hurt, splashed and washed !!

But Do we want Darkness to drive out darkness,

Or give only light to do a try ?

As Hate cannot drive out hate

Let the Love do the Bait !

….. To be continued.

Linking to #Dailychatter #UBC Day14 and #FridayReflections of writeTribe


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