D13 Faith


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Continued from……………

To hope, till everything falls in place,

To hope, till the sight losses in plays….

She is my life and my greater than life,
She was my life when I lost her,
I wish I never knew,

how much exact loved me,
Perhaps it could be,

cause she never felt like I’ve given,

The cause, the failure and the anti-remedy !


….. To be continued.

Linking to #Dailychatter #UBC Day13

31 thoughts on “D13 Faith

    1. Hello, thanks for reading my blog.
      The D_series poem is the set of poems for October month. I will be writing poems for 30 days. The central theme is love, conversation, words and life that is shaped the way we utilise these ingredients. I request you to read the all D1 to D13 to get the flavour.

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