D11 Trouble


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then there more to be alive,
If this is Life.

…. Continued

I dont wanna move when in trouble,

Nothing more I wanna add,

Nothing more I can say or do,

So I hold all plans till clears this clutter

And you love them not for their perfection,

You love them for their imperfections,

I am not seeing anybody, not even her,

Let her be and let me be,

My heart knows she’s in trouble,

She knows about me.

This peace we give to each other ,

To know what is running through our mind

Like a pause we take not talking till late,

Because over talking is danger,

I dare not breach the truce,

I may be sad, she may be sad,

But it feels so good to have ME time,

This gives a strength in solace,

To the bond that balance.

…..to be continued.

The Godly are rescued from trouble, and it falls on the wicked instead.

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