d10 Life

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This life was revealed to us.
We have seen it, and we testify about it.

from the last poem :

So in final stanzas I request my heart to align

with me and lead me to the Light and World which is more real.


Why is this hate full of worlds
Dying in everywhere, buried in people’s heart,
We create, what they want to destroy,
And then we say, its our right to fight,
But we keep on saying “”c’est la vie”
So if this is Life,
Then There’s more to find,
More to see through my eyes dear,
You can choose good or bad,
in the end, we all will be dead.
So if this is Life,
There’s more to Live,
A life in full of hope,
A life full of Love my Rose,
Then there’s more to life,
then there more to be alive,
If this is Life.

…. to be continued


Linking to #Dailychatter #UBC Day10

30 thoughts on “d10 Life

  1. If terrorism is not enough to get you down, violent acts and injustices in the world continue to bubble up to the surface in the overflowing caldron of hatred and greed. Poverty, global warming, sex trafficking, tainted food, polluted water, depleted resources and extinct species, to name a few. They all destroy and kill, although some more blatant than others. Yet, life goes on as usual. Every day, the sun rises and sets

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