Happy birthday Mom !


Thank you O! Mother,

Without you I never had existed.

Without your blessings,

i had never succeed.

I still remember,

On every issues,

On our every mischief,

Forgiving us,

You always loved more.

Whenever you saw us in pain,

Cried for help, during our peers;

Massaging head, you would say

“Everything will be Alright”

You soothe soul thro’ heavenly touch.

In my hostel’s mess, where i eat,

There’s no one to ask;

“Want more chapattis beta”??

I miss you, when i walk out,

Without seeing your glorious face!

There are friends so caring,

Colleagues for sharing,

Seniors who keep guiding,

Juniors with whom I smile;

Everything feels like “salt less” stile.

Iโ€™m blessed, i thanks THE ALMIGHTY,

He archaised me in form of YOU,

You instilled ettiquetes & ethics in Me,

And gave lessons to Live,

introduced GOD, for Self-belief.

Taking all pain so swiftly,

You bear me & sister with Smile,

And YOU never made us feel,

“DAD IS NO MORE HERE”, with us.

O Mother! You are very special.

You faced this world, standing Strong,

Still like a Mountain, You were always there,

i bow down to your Dedication,

We need you, be with us for years to come !

This post is for Her HAPPY BIRTHDAY Month !

(c) The Jethwa Family.


And the greatest thing about MOM is that, everyone got the best one !

Never complain about what your parents could not give you
It was probably all they had…..!




#Dailychatter #UBC Day1

41 thoughts on “Happy birthday Mom !

  1. What a wonderful gift you’ve given to you mom ! I am sure the life of a single parent is tough but when kids turn out fabulous , sensitive and strong , I am sure nothing brings mothers more happiness than that..
    Wish her a very happy birthday month & everyone at the Jethwa family.

  2. Happy birthday to your mom even though it’s late. This kinda made me think of my dad because he passed away this year. My mom is still here and she still has a hard time with his passing. I know that it will never go away. But I feel bad because I see her crying when she’s in pain remembering how he used to forget about his health conditions and rush to aid her. These days, she has no one downstairs at nights because I been sleeping in my room upstairs. I don’t hear her when she’s in pain or if she threw up like a few days ago. She is better though after keeping busy.

  3. I was MIA these days. But now I’m back from my vacation and I intend to read all the posts.
    This is such an awesome tribute to all the Moms. Heartfelt and inspiring! ๐Ÿ™‚

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