​True Love ends,

If Doesn’t Have An End,

Then the case is pending.
Suddenly thought sings,

Love songs of you,
I miss my eye blink,

The way you wink,

I miss every second,

Now I know why it is so !
People teased me like hell,

Asking me you both just smile well.
It’s always hard to forget,

To say sorry and part ways,

As if it kills, more than Bye,

Like a lesson learned through pain.
You said so easily, and

That’s the case, 

You appear that you doesn’t care,

Your eyes telling differece, I Stare.
You see, goodbyes are hard,

More for the person leaving,

And most for the one left behind.

But if this is the end, 

It’s Hardest thing to do,

But some times, hard ones,

Are the best decision in the end.
(Another story ends).
#MoveOn  #Goodbye #Sols #Decision 


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