“GoVi” means Good Vibes…..

I do believe in Good Vibes,

but receive it from few.

Some deceive, some refuse,

and some didn’t even knew.

Good vibes are true,

Like me and YOU.

I have plenty of things to be grateful for ! #GRATITUDECIRCLE is all about the Good vibes.

Let me start with my day, everyday I travel about 40 km for my bread and butter. It good because I walk 4 km every day which makes my heart work fine. Few are lucky to get this opportunity. I walk in morning and evening and rest in the office timing.

Coming to food, I take eat the Lunch, made by my Mom. She cooks lovely and so I am healthy. I am grateful to Her, as she is my star.

In virtual space,  I use social media where people are encouraging, community building, all my lovely blog readers and my Jigglypuffs who are fair and never retreat. I get my aspirations from space agencies which makes us more enthusiastic and creative in #STEM education. I am really grateful to them when they chat and share their knowledge with us. #STEM education would have been hard but, the people are so generous and open, they appreciate our work with ope arms. I am grateful to the technology and my career.

Work is an integral part of Life. So is the Living. I work to get the top-notch productivity. My work is my center so are my ethics.I learnt things that were never taught.  These are the ones which drives you, guides you and teach the lessons. I am grateful to my peers and work.

At last I am grateful to my life, which is standing with me, in thick and thin. Being alive is the best gift we have. I believe in #Karma ! I am grateful to few things I have and for many I don’t have.  Life is beautiful. Love, and Love more.

Thank you for reading my post !

DO write about your #GRATITUDECIRCLE !

Thank you Vidyaji for the prompt. Love and Light to you !

This post is for #GRATITUDECIRCLE !


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