Power !

Between two poles,

Two known and one Unknown

One good and others bad,

There lies third which Unites them,

We shuffle ourselves and,

Try to be good on own unknown,

What seems to forces us,

May weaken us deep,

Tightly packed both,

Leads us to decide,

Inside our mind,

Such two poles exists,

Still we know on our own,

Good or bad, we lie to both ,

Making mind gasp, so time relapse,

Feeling Good is good,

Let go the bad,

But can we really justify,

Or we just an act to deed Pacify,

Why we created two poles,

Separated good and bad,

When they are our own ??
September Poles. 🤓

Unite first !!

Sometimes there are two ways to say the same thing. 

~F. Scott Fitzgerald.


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