​11:11  Life as wild as  Simmering United Plans, Plain text and love words. Light and Passion, Embroidered by Divine Grace. Life, I love you. By Masoom Jethwa.



​જીવન નું સફર, અને એક બસ એક મજેદાર સાથી. પછી ભલે ને એ હોય મારા માટે સ્વાર્થી, જીવન જીવું એની સંગ, કરી કરકસર . જેને સંગ લાગે જીવન વિશાળ, લાવે હૈયે ચોમાસા ની ભીનાશ, શબ્દો એનાં મોતી, પીરોવે સ્વપ્ન, મમતા ની એ મૂરત, કરે કદર પારાવાર. રહસ્ય જેનું સ્મિત, કરે ગુસ્સો અપાર, સાચવે પરિવાર ને, … Continue reading હમસફર 


  बातों में वो पल थे , या वो पल की बातें थी। पलकों पे सजा कर रखा था जिसे, आज शब्दो के मोती पिरो दिए । बांधे तुमने जो स्वपन हरियाल, आओ मिलकर ले उन्हें संभाल, किस्तो में हैं जिन्दजी, आओ ले कस्ती उतार । शाझा कर सारे रिश्ते, आओ एक दुनिया बसाए, हँसी … Continue reading आजकीबात


​I wish I knew how even, You catch my whispers, and pout your shy smile pressed against my chest Like sun hiding behind  pretty pink clouds, And I dance across, a sea of cherished memories, From gal to serious mommy,   As you rest on my shoulders, wonderful whole day, kissed by tendrils I care … Continue reading Tendrils


Quotes for life Embrace Yourself and Your Heart. Pray with Love in Heart as Prayer is the most powerful communication. Listen to your heart, when you are facing hardships. Only truth and compassion can heal you. With great experience, comes great wisdom. Spare some time for yourself. Strom decides our allies. Real strength is your … Continue reading Quotes-O-Vista


​True Love ends, If Doesn't Have An End, Then the case is pending. Suddenly thought sings, Love songs of you, I miss my eye blink, The way you wink, I miss every second, Now I know why it is so ! People teased me like hell, Asking me you both just smile well. It's always … Continue reading Move-On

Beats !

💓 It was beats that kept their soul united. HeartBeat. 💓 Synthia was lying on bed, where Simon was beside her in hospital. Maachines were kept to monitor life, not the beats. Time was less, so were the breathes. She was counting her last heart beats, he was talking and trying to rejoice her; with … Continue reading Beats !


"GoVi" means Good Vibes..... I do believe in Good Vibes, but receive it from few. Some deceive, some refuse, and some didn't even knew. Good vibes are true, Like me and YOU. I have plenty of things to be grateful for ! #GRATITUDECIRCLE is all about the Good vibes. Let me start with my day, everyday … Continue reading GOVI