Pumpkin : A Story yet unwritten.

An unwritten story.

This file has been in my draft long back.

Knock knock. The door opens. A beautiful lady in mid twenties opens it. She had an Occult smile with curvacious appearance. The lightning occurrs. A man completely drenched in water comes inside. They share a stare and smiled at each other. Soon they head towards the main course. The man and woman make themselves comfortable and sit on the bed. Their eyes meet and soon they start exploring each other. Fired with passion and rolled with ecstasy they obeyed till the climax. The bonfire looked little less warmer than the couple’s union. The man sleeps easy, while the lady comes out of bed and undo herself. She looks at the window and her eyes sparks. The eyes becomes blood red like hells fire. She turns to the man covered in sheets and kiss him. This kiss is Her 100th kiss to the 100th man lying in her bed. This way the 100th man looses his Youth too. The morning comes as sun shines. The man wakes up. Little tired ,reads a leave note besides his bed. He gets ready soon to leave. He recollects the “Juices” of the union. The passion the fire and everything. As he was leaving, the watchman hands him a Pumpkin to him saying it is told by his madam. The man accepts it and drive to his home.

When he reached home, he placed the pumpkin. He was searching for his wife and family. For an instance, he looked himself in the mirror and saw greyness of his hair. They were pure black yesterday. He went inside the kitchen and no one was there. He came to the living area and found the pumpkin was missing.  He was puzzled. He went to search in bathroom and saw a Pumpkin there. He was shocked. He quickly came out and went to his children’s room. He saw to more pumpkin there. He was horrified now. He sat thinking for a minute and tried to call everyone but no responses. The looked at the garden and saw two more pumpkins. He went to the neighborhood and asked about his family members. They said his parents were in the garden, his wife and children were at home only. The neighbour advised him to apply black hair die. It’s cool. He was shocked. So he again Went to the mirror and found loose skin and stark white hair. He recognises how much time he took to come to mirror but late.

By the time he reached the living area, he was more older. He sat and tears flowed from his eyes looking at the pumpkin which again appeared.

Yesterday, in the morning he was on his way to the office. At a crossroads, he has to stop to Red signal. Stopping to The red signal made him uncomfortable. Last night when he asked pleasure from his wife, she showed the red sign in denial. He was distubed but have no other choice. He came back from the memories. As the signal turned green, he saw his college friend Mala, and called her. Mala recognized Nir so easily. No one forgets the wrong love so easily. They shared the Sutta of same brand after all. They have their own reason to smoke. Mala wanted to forget the abused child in herself, while Nir about the strata of life. After the high, they become normal. They gulped two coffees in between. The star couple “Nir-Mala” were together after five years. From college days till today, they shared their life and talked two hours. She mentioned that she will be successful if She scores a  century. He didn’t follow but recollected the dinner tales to assignment to the wild things they did in name of love, they have even surpassed the Devils behind them. He needed Her that’s it. In the day they competed their mental capabilities and in the night each others physical capabilities. They were called soulmates for some reason then. Time seeemed to striped for Nir. She has came to visit someone. He asked about the night openly as He was in urgent need. She agreed. She had a Pumpkin with her. He asked him why she had a Pumpkin, she said it will complete her.

P.S. Life is strange.

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’


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