Eye πŸ‘€

Where do you get your writing ideas from?Β  Eyes of a person.

When eyes do the talking.Β 

Yes that is love.

Spells by magical stare,

needs a new definition now,

Eyes sparkle more whenΒ 

Says Yes as i look at you,

filled with love,

Yes that is love.

When eyes goes wild,

Words feels so cheap,


Couldn’t come out in reply,

I just keep watching you,

When eyes do the talking.

It’s makes a beat,

My heart turns to drums,

i can’t take my

eyes thoughts heart,

away from you.

you’re everywhere now

Yes when eyes do the talking.


Linking this post to #WritingWednesday forΒ WriteTribe

GO out and Find the eyes that areΒ Design for you,

because Eyes has the depth of ocean

One can measure when Eyes do the talking !

This post has a view to:

That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes.


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