PenT You!

It was 00:00 hrs on my digital watch.

I thought Monday is over. Tuesday has came. Suddenly a ping appeared on my mail. What’s that I said ? I opened the mail and read it. It was a tangy spicy stupendous mail. The mail had a solution which I was trying to solve from last week.I immediately decided that I will be trying this as soon as possible. But wait  what its 00:00 , what’s the Tuesday being Tangy or more interesting. I rewind my schedule found that before half an hour I had planned my Tuesday.

So what to do ? Multitasking or singlets .

It happens with all of us. When we try to solve a Problem the next one floating somewhere  in mind appears more interesting and we start partially thinking about it. This is the tangy Tuesday saga. I went back to my schedule and entered a new entry to solve this tomorrow. But then there was already priority meet. So I listened to all. Thoughts become tangy when you have names for the daily stationery:

Robin (my diary) said I can’t adjust, Res (the meet) said don’t dare try to postpone me, Cutie (the lines) in the diary said don’t mess with me, the thoughts said you are confused chill, Thunderbird (my mail manager) said I am important, finally Lola (my pen) said Do whatever you want to do. That’s why I love Lola the most. She is as beautiful as her previous generation. So I decided to bifurcate the task in 2-2 hours before and after the priority so that all are happy. In the morning I was able to allot 1:45 mins but in the evening when I was making the TO-DOs for Wednesday, I saw the second half is remaining. The same pen which saved me last day, made me occupied and this it was skipped. So I said Lola PenT You. (pen Tuesday You).

How funny is that we sometimes get so involved and sometimes we don’t feel anything doing. That’s the way our life works. This balance keeps the life alive. The fear of failure has equal opportunity to the roaring success and working hard for it. But nevertheless I did it and finished at 00:00 hrs on my watch.

Do you love your pens ? Comment which pen makes you feel #amp and #champ .

Welcome Wednesday with Tangy Tuesday.

This post is dedicated to Tangy Tuesday Picks at Blogadda. 


9 thoughts on “PenT You!

  1. I absolutely love your idea to name your stationery esp. Robin for diary ❤ I too will try to name my pen 😛 I love them, i mean even if i had nothing i will surely have a pen and a book my most important things in life. Well written, give my love to Lola 🙂

  2. How pleasure is it to go off the track, unleash all the pressurized nerves , sit calmly and create circumstances to get occupied and involved rather than being booked with the time schedules. I witness such a case in this beautiful content. Defying pen and diary with casual humanoid names is such a new different thought. Robin, The Diary:-D.

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