Chocolates 😍

1 What makes you smile? 

A1) The child in me Always keep smiling.

1.1 What makes you happy? A1.1) Chocolate makes me happy as hell.

2. Write about taking your favourite (or least-favourite) form of transportation. 

A2) Bus is favorite.

3. Chaos β€” how do you feel about it? 

A3) I live being in one, like a drop of an ocean.
4. β€œTo live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” – Oscar Wilde. 

A4) most people exists like a drop, a sudden satori, a Zen in itself. They keep saying Life’s so hard, I reply Try chocolate Man.

We all love Chocolates. So she does. I like tea and biscuits. I like cookies. I like chocolate filled cookies too. So this one for my love for #Chocolates #Choco #cookies. I know this is absolute random. But this is Sunday and weekend is always fun, food and Frolics. 😍

5) The Picture prompt. 

Like adrop of ocean. Seeking Light. Flying high above all worldy thoughts, To live a life thought short but dense with Love and Knowledge.

Photos clicked by me.

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Share your stories or answer any of these Question be it on chocolates or  love.

Thanks to My Friend who triggered the post on this. 


27 thoughts on “Chocolates 😍

  1. Chocolates! I love them too. It not only bring smile to the one who eats but also to the one offered!
    Spreads smiles. Saviour. Substitute to love. Picture prompt…very niceπŸ‘

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