Advice 1.0


What do you want to be when you grow up ?

This question met us every time we met someone who really cared about us. And secondly with them who wanted to tease us for what we are. Mirrors as they were in our life. I took all that with an understanding that with the hard-work and patience, anything is achievable. Yes I said hard work, because it the advice that I received as a student. In today’s world we are often caught in the ‘Life’s rat-race’ and get stuck in never-ending social Mathematics. It’s hard to get real advice these days, forget about the right guidance, people are here to pull you down. In all these circumstances, if we search we can always find a person, like a needle in grass who always think for the betterment and advice us at the crucial juncture. I called those people the “Mind Shapers” or Mentors that always guide us the right and sensible path to achieve our dreams and goals.

My dream was to contribute my understanding to the scientific community. I was always  fascinated with algorithms and was a good “C programmer” during matriculation.  This ignited my imaginative mind to build a career in the scientific field. During my higher secondary schooling, I met my mentor who taught us Mathematics in a very different way ! He was pioneer in making my mind synchronized and guided me in my life also. I will list out his advises that really helped me:

  1. Be a community builder, share your ideas with like-minded people to get more information.
  2. The  Life’s major part will be spent with the people whom you choose to be, be careful what you become.
  3. The Life is real hard, prepare for the bitter experience and then rise up and prepare your ground that unshakable.
  4. Happiness is not permanent but Joy is.
  5. True education is concerned not only with practical but also with values like Honesty, Integrity of thoughts and accountability .

As I grew up, I  realized the importance of community builder. The seniors and elders were always motivational. I also shared my crazy creativity with them and they used to give criticism and honest opinion. My affiliates at post graduation still remembers me for the time, I had been with them at university being crazy, funny, rhetoric, idea-box, problem-solver and #PHDTeamMate. When I face my first review at college, I was disappointed when the Supervisor was such a strict fellow, who argued with me about the voltage I applied to the circuit. Though it was tough, but I stood by my stand. Now I know that my learning and training  were right then.  Life is a roller-coaster ride. Life too has seasons, and the fun fact is it keeps changing. As far the education goes, its training that matters the most. But I was guided that to be honest, integrator and be accountable. I perused the guidance through life’s thick and thin. Sometimes it was not that easy. But now, when I am on my own journey, I always look back at my mentor, share a smile, I say Hi-Fi whenever I meet him and always share one note “Thank you for being the guiding star in my Life”. I am in scientific field right now. The workflow is 24 hours. The datum keep coming, with lots of literature and materials to explore. With the help of computer programs and powerful processors , everything can be taken care of except reading. So in this way my mentor helped making my dream come true.

I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.

BE Rock Solid, Heart Touching

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