Knight’s Armour !

​2.0 #MycommuterSide.

Today I was commuting on my way to home as usual. When the bus arrived I scanned the bus and found it nearly full. But I was happy as I can sit at my fav. place.I entered and estab bus started and at the next stop a small boy entered the bus. I had a eye contact with him. He was in withering clothes with stains. More shocking was a he had a bag that was of his size. I was wondering what does a young boy carry with him. To my surprise he came and sat beside me. I smiled and he smiled too ( with missing front teeth). But that smile had pain. I then got lost in my headphones and music of my phone. To my surprise, he murmured something and started crushing himself. He took out a polybag containing  coins/change of our currency ( chillar) . He tried to put his hand inside, took out a few coins and started to count. I asked him whether  I can be helpful. He smiled and said he knows count only 20. I asked him where he got this money, he said that he picks the empty drinking bottles and water pouch in the evening and sell them to the Scrap dealer. The money he has, is the weekly wage he earned. I was shocked to hear his description. I looked down, saw he had no slippers to wear, still he was so happy with the money. I asked him the reason for selecting evening time. He proudly said that he goes to school in the morning. I can see the spark in his eyes. I shake hand with him asking his name. He was “Veer” ( meaning Valiant). A station came and a lady came. She insulted the boy to get the seat. She could have told me, but my clothes didn’t allow her. So Veer stood up and went near the stairs at doors which remains closed and smiled looking back at me. I found myself uncomfortable with such a person. I stood up and sat next to the child. He was again happy. I don’t give a damn with all your seats, all your ideology of discrimination based on the appearance and shady money. When our Maker, doesn’t discriminate, why should we be doing ! I said hi and sat next to Veer. I offered him my biscuit packet. And asked him to what he like to study. To my amusement, He said He want to study mathematics. The reason he spoke was very touching.

Mathematics because all the differences we make and think are related with Mathematics. Every one is out for adding more money into pocket, everyone wants to multiply ones happiness, everyone wants to divide the work and if all calculation is done one thinks of equality. I want to explore Why the world is crazy calculator. 

I was shell-shocked. So realistically he uttered his experience and still he is full of hope and had dreams. In that state I just said, “you are a knight in shining armour”. “Your education is your armour, its what you learn makes difference”. He giggled trying to understand as we finished our biscuits. I informed him about the arrival of my station. He stood up with me and said thanks Saheb (meaning sir). I put my hands over his Curly hair and said study hard and dream big. He went and sat at the last seat of the bus. I came out of bus at my station. He was looking at me till the bus went. He was a knight in shining armour. I assembled my thoughts ,thanked the Almighty and went off.

In our life, we’ve decided to ignore and even skip to listen/talk to few souls just because of so called Mathematical structure of Society. The reason is our own bias.

Rock Solid, Heart Touching.


8 thoughts on “Knight’s Armour !

      1. Just a thought came in my mind, I hope that boy stays as spirited as he is right now… I wish he doesn’t get disheartened and loose faith as time goes by, as he grows up, as realities become harsher, though he is already living a harsh reality… Just something came in my mind thought of sharing… Nothing else, have a wonderful day πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

      2. Yes, as we start exploring our worlds, the more we have to face. But I believe that if we wish something from a pure heart, nothing can stop us. Actually I was also worried about him, so i have some info so I am sure he wont quit study ! Thanks once again !

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