Hopefully Home !

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Today I was travelling in bus on my way to home. When the bus arrived I was bit nervous. I entered and sat next to an old lady who was eating Biscuits. I felt hungry from past noon. I had noChai & noSnacks. So more hunger. In my case,

Hunger + someone_eating_Food

= Hunger multiply Hunger.

With this hunger, I looked at her, she smiled and offered me the packet.

Such a nice lady, I thought for first. Hunger sometimes can override your emotions. #Beware said my mind to me and I paused to say no. I thought to say no, but why should I say no ? On what ground ? Just because she is unknown, I should refuse any food ?  I smiled and took two Biscuits. She asked my name, and I said Masoom. Her smile grew more, she complimented me for my name. (Masoom means innocent) I thanked her. Biscuits finished. She offered again. I took two more. I confessed that I was hungry. I asked her name. She replied her name is “Rita”, and started our conversation. She asked me about the reason for travel. I said that I am traveling to home from my campus. I asked the same, she said she is also returning home from hospital. I asked whether someone is admitted, she denied. She said she works as Nursing staff. It is always inspiring for me when I see working people. I said complimented her for a noble and humanitarian job. This triggered the conversation. I Shared my experience about hospital and nursing staff. But what she shared seemed more inspiring.

She has a son who is married and decided to live seperate, she agreed happily for his sons happiness. Her daughter left as she found the right guy for marriage and recently got transferred to another state.

Now only two of them, Rita and her husband lives in the house and works whole day. Yes she said it’s not home, it’s House because no one to share anything. The couple works not only to meet day to day expense but also to run away from the memories of their children. I was wondering how much a home can be hopeless. I was just unable to say anything. 

I became bit serious. To which she offered me water. I gulped some, said thanks and smiled. My station came and went down from bus. I bid farewell by waving hand. She smiled. I silently prayed that She should reach home safe. A home that is really a home. Her hopefully Home.

This post is written for  prompt on #WritingWednesDay .


8 thoughts on “Hopefully Home !

  1. Very Nice…Truely biggest of house made of best material isn’t home if you have no one around to talk, love, fight,argue….That’s called Family. Your blog made me ponder that this is what we see around happening…children grow up settle in a different place to start afresh, leaving those aging eyes into tears. 😢

  2. This is so heartbreaking that after doing everything parents have to live alone for various reasons. My sister and I work in different cities and my parents live alone. Of course, our plan is to bring them to us in the future but still , they are alone now.

  3. interesting event.. and most of the time we are bounded within our world.. and it is good to meet such people in between..they make us aware of the real world..

  4. Thoughtful post, Masoom. Children do grow up and children do become adults with every right to make their own lives just as their parents did. In order to stay alive and vibrant with our lives, when the empty nest comes, or when change comes, to seek out another path that fulfills and brings happiness. I care for and Love very much special needs cats, so I am a mom to many extents. When they are all gone, and yes that too shall be someday, I already have plans to continue my Life with the dreams I hold in my Heart. That is what life is all about … To create, to live fully, and to continue with JOY held high. Life doesn’t end because our kids leave. People need to understand this. Don’t you think? 🙂

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