Guest Post by Nazish Kondkari

I took a long time to think what should I write a guest blog on ? I could not find anything better than my favorite topic to talk on and that is books…

I love books and my dream is to have a huge library of my own. Though I am a very slow reader but I just can’t stop myself to have as many books putting my pocket-money at stake(I am jobless). It is not easy because as being a girl having to have clothes as per the trends, jewelry , makeup (which I don’t use regularly but would still have the greed to have all the products handy) and then having the list to have all the expensive books in my next-to-buy-list, whereas I have already a bunch or more than 20 books already to be read. Recently, the book I read was “The fault in our stars” and now it’s my favorite one. The best line from the book which actually made me fall in love with the book more, and have also made it a point to read it again soon ( only when I finish reading the next five books I should be reading before buying anyone new). And the best line from the book says, “Pain demands to be felt” and it is so damn true…

Pain demands to be felt…whenever we come across worse part of our life and we share with any of our friends or family they tend to say they understand but the fact is no one does until and unless they haven’t been through it. Pain demands to be felt rather than just been understood.

Perhaps, “fault in our stars” will always come after “P.S I Love You” because it’s the best book and more than that, the only book which made me cry up till now. I love Cecelia Ahern and John Green but both come after J.k .Rowling who is an inspiration. Also, Harry Potter is the top priority and will always be. So I would love to know your favorite author, books, let’s have more talk on books and your favorite line of your favorite books. In this way, I might also get to know some more books and will add them to my next-to-buy list and next-to- read list too. I love when someone talks to me about books, characters, love for reading. I have a dream to work for books, like in a publishing company to work in the book cover team as I just love to have books with different and vibrant beautiful cover books or may be opening a book shop myself, I so wish (you got me right, I am so full of dreams and wishes you can call me a dream girl) 😛

I don’t have a lot of friends and those that I have are all non-readers so I take this opportunity to make some reader friends which will help to explore more about books and reading. I mostly find romance books comfortable to read but I am trying my best to get into other genres as well (but which are mostly fiction) . I hope you liked reading my post and I hope the one’s who are reading would love to interact as well.

I would like to end this post by a dialogue I found amazing from a movie I watched recently, “The purpose of Fiction is to combat loneliness”

Thank you !

Nazish is a writer by heart and a blogger since 3 years… She is a published author of 3 short stories published in 3 different anthology books. Nazish has a wish to write as many novels as she can breath in words and put them on paper and wants to be a full-time writer.

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You can connect to her through:

Twitter : @NazishKondkari and

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9 thoughts on “Guest Post by Nazish Kondkari

  1. I have read alot of books like alot, but line that is stuck in my brain is of rainbow Rowell’s elenor and park where park said ” she never looked nice,she looks like art and art is not supposed to look nice, it is supposed to make you feel something.”
    My all time favourite is an ember in the ashes, the silent sister, dan Brown’ s robert langdon series and many morr

  2. Books are a great way to bond. I hope your collection grows by leaps n bounds. BTW checkout an online library near you to cut down on the expense of buying books and reading them on the go on your phone or ipad….

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