Friendship post !

Pen-Friends post !

This post is dedicated to a pen-friend, I have in my life. If having a friend is wonderful, having a pen-friend is miraculous and unique.Yes the more the merrier, but sometimes just one is equal to 1 lac. Friends are like parachutes, after falling from expectations of others, we all know that we have it on our side come what may.

I would like to introduce her, she is Ms. Arti Manekar.
She is unique like all my friends and she is a wonderful person too.
She belongs to the Central India (Madhya Pradesh). We share common traits i.e. blog, poems and sketch arts. As on Blogchatter we always celebrate the spirit of blogging, I would like to share such wonderful blogging friend to the community. I learnt many things in life from her and don’t want to break our friendship. So this blogpost is dedicated to Ms. Arti.

Blogchatter correctly mentioned that Friends can pick off from anywhere, almost anywhere. Though internet world is virtual, but indeed people are real. Till now we not only have shared many up and down in our parallel worlds, but many joy of celebrating the moments of first job, first disappointment, talking only through emoji, sticker chat (only sticker no words), saying sugar sweet words and saying annoying gup-shups too. Asking a help on blog, or any internet query, just simple doing or going for a big trail, we have had many tea time talks at random.

We were hell out busy in settling our own parallel world, and thus stopped writing to each other. While I was in my new assignment and a tour, she was adapting to the new facets of life. Recently while I won a competition, I saw her message congratulating me…

Thus it recalled our past talks, as a pen-friend the bond we shared. The way we shared the write and read part. I read it and a joy wave came to the memory lane. It was abrupt. I started with emoji and thus we talked a lot, like all of sudden crowded market you discover a friend and you say let’s have a cup of tea at Chaayos with over 25 varieties of tea customizable in thousands of ways, bundled with lip-smacking snacks reflecting our friendship and its vivid shades that we share. They looking to your enthusiasm also agrees. Carried away by spontaneity I also talked back, like having Tea. I realized the bond of friendship with every sip. Just for sake of saying we can write a whole book on emotions and their when, where and why, but its difficult to confess. I felt friendship was rejuvenated. Sometimes we realize when we lost time and a friend in the mean time. All we carry is that “I wish I should have talked”. But its necessary to realize the importance of wonderful people when they are with us and appreciate it.

Rest is history. With this note I wish Ms. Arti Manekar and Me stays a friend for ever.
Raising the Tea-cups, Cheers to our friendship.

Thank you Chaayos and Blogchatter for giving us opportunity to kindle the spark again.

This post is written in association with Chaayos and Blogchatter on occasion of
friendshipday !

Image source (c)Microsoft 2016 !

Write till your last breath.

46 thoughts on “Friendship post !

  1. undoubtedly she is amazing and lucky she is to have a friend like you who cherishes friendship in real , and glad to know pen friends still exist . Love you Arti , stay blessed both of you and wish your friendship remains forever

  2. Yeah Arti is a wonderful poet & sweet girl … she really deserves such cute friendship note …

    What a great dedication for her 🙂
    Glad to meet you … And Happy Friendship Day to you too 💐

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