Tiny Shoe !

Prompt #5

Tiny shoes

I asked Almighty, to get me tiny shoes;
Shoe that rule, make me invincible,
He replied “I think I have too many shoes;
Let me think which one fits you !”

I thought He has too many shoes !
shoe having power of three hundred feet,
Some shoe for the style runs
and he’s deciding which is gonna fit me.

Sometimes, I feel so tired and even feel weak
World seems collapsing but I just don’t give-up easy,
So I keep asking The Almighty many things,
People say you should search inner strength,
But He knows what’s in my Heart, so I keep asking,
He knows I am not a quitter no matter worse may fall,
I am collecting struggle story, people to tell !

So Till my end comes, no pain can touch me,
I am not like others, who foul cry and complain,
I am one of them, who celebrate even pain,
Why to stop something because of Fear and rejection !

There’s feeling inside all of us,
when we fail, we get real,
and though stranger walks away,
fragile life trying to hold onto us,
what we don’t know, the end we never met,
Don’t bother who are envy, and often offend us,
Knowing our heart is real pain,
nothing is better than leaving first of its kind,

So please Almighty, Give me tiny shoes
That help me stand me when the worlds fall Apart.
Gives me strength, so that I never fall,
Lighting fall and there comes the reply !

And  The Almighty replied,
Subside all sublime thought,
“I am spirit living inside you,
It’s strange you still need a shoe”,

Take out the sting of walking in other’s shoe,
You’re unique and so your shoe should be,
From Infinity to the Infinity, It will be yours,
to take you everywhere in the whole universe.
In a circle called life, may you run fast,
and exorcise and beat those demons in human cast !


Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.

~ Marilyn Monroe


Have you asked anything like this in a fast moving world ? I Always ask ! It really helps !

I am participating in BAR-A-THON the week-long blogging marathon for bloggers


Write till your last breath !

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