Caught red handed !

Prompt #4

Caught red-handed


How can you grant access someone to your life,
You are mine and I owe you my life,
I’m not living to see you making love with someone else ,
hate myself after saw you doing on the sofa,
How can you allow her to our bed and pillow,
She turns red and turns into a killer,
After all the game I played and caught red-handed,
Can no more convince her saying me give me a day,
I feel to keep mouth shut,
and admit sins even if she walks away,
Let her calm and asks me to tell everything,

What do is say,
She caught me on door camera,
she saw me on kissing on the sofa.
She noted the marks on my body, also
seen the lipstick mark on my collar,
yelling this shade of pink she doesn’t own,
She screams now even louder at me,
Because she caught me red-handed
all evidence convicted me.

How can I forget she does have an extra home-key,
If I’d remember, she wouldn’t have seen me,
Seeing is believing no one change their specs
to see what you say and judge you instant
I feared to look into her eyes now,
Gonna tell her that I’m sorry but pointless.

“Out of loneliness and temptation, I did this,
gaining my shame to admit guilt completely,
SO I started searching outside, to bring on happiness,
I never expect it so soon to happen,
But desire started burning inside both,
and we did it at home and release out the fire”

For the pain that I’ve caused,
Sorry makes no sense at all, she caught me doing on floor,
She think I’m a player, and completely lost ,
Because she caught me red-handed, with a gal next door.

How Fragile we live, shatter so easily to addiction,
what we don’t know is we are stranger than fiction !


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Write till last breath !



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