Its the most late entry of my whole Half marathon journey. The reason is simple, i don’t want to conclude it so early. But we all have to bow down to the time. What a 15 day posts happened. Just like that.

SO in final post in this series I would like to say that we all are pieces of a big puzzle !

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. – C.S. Lewis

“Let the Beauty of what we Love.. be what we do..” ~#Rumi

“Lots of ways to reach God, I chose Love…” ~#Rumi


SO start working on your dream whatever it may be !

“Set your life on Fire. Seek those who fan your flames.” ~#Rumi

Let me summarize the Half marathon challenge.

1) Description of Various sets of emotions: Positive and Negative
2) Loving Heart is the biggest source of Joy.
3) Photography an art to capture vivid human emotions.
4) Joytrain, a concept to help the people suffering from emotional drifts.
5) Poem on emotions of a simple gal, who needs love, and lives on Hope.
6) Instant apps, rendezvous to the public in era of click and trick.
7) Values that are outcome of our emotional state and definition of our existence.
8) Poem Part -1 on the pain of a person who is left in emotional stress.
9) Poem Part-2 explaining the havoc felled upon the person finding loss of love.
10) Real life experience on fear of losing a dear friend found once in a life-time.
11) Poem on amalgamation of negative emotions and its influence.
12) Poem Part-1 on the emotional conversation between earth and clouds
13) Poem Part-2 the pain expressed by Earth and clouds to save mankind.
14) An essay describing the War situation as an outcome of emotional influence
15) The last but not the least a message of spreading positivism and helping each other
along with a summary of all the posts.

Thank you for reading my blog. 

I am giving a huge #shoutout to all participants in my post. I was wonderful to participate !

I am Participating in Half Marathon Blogging Challenge with Blogchatter


Love and Light




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