What you don’t know

Prompt #2

What you don’t know
There's a stranger sailing over my heart,
But she'll never find me and get along,
because the angel know my face
and will read this dying song.

Until she proves her love
saying "Can you feel it Or can't you see ?"
I'd be glad to hear if she says
I'll never love someone as much,
I might try to understand how she feel,
and when she pours her love, I'd love read,
Written with passion inked in letters,
Till my heart says "its real"
I won't speak how I feel,
And agree to show
What I don't know.

Dear Heart, What you don't know,
is She's playing with fire,
By saying hollow "I love you"
and "We'll always be together",
wait don't raise my hopes and desire,
If she wants to know me,
Till I know this Love is real,
That's how I feel,
What she don't know.

I am tired of such stranger than fiction,
Who leave haunted worlds, hard addictions,
my bones ache when I see the roads we walk
As I miss rain, without holding her hand 
like thunderbolt on soft reliving pain,
Let me sleep, love often goes in vain.

I am participating in BAR-A-THON the week-long blogging marathon for bloggers


Love and Light !


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