Stranger than fiction !

Prompt #1

Stranger than fiction !

 I crave those heaviness in crazy love. 

Wide opened windows yet inescapable love.


Here, I talk with my heart quietly, 

I carry it every day, like compass;

My smiling face going pale slightly,

And me becoming beggar of happiness.

At times I sit in abandoned castle

and sing sad songs in baffle,

Those lyrics have door to retreat,

that opens my love to heartbeat.

O stranger why you war through me

 To liteup strangled light within me,

 I was learning to love the dark;

 to be my friend, of madness and ark.

I don’t write poetry, I like season,

I write little pieces of words,

To loose your addiction,

And I wish one day

 You’ll find your way,

To reach my heart to fulfill love being,

 As you are stranger than fiction to me.
I would like to have your comments.

I am participating in BAR-A-THON the week-long blogging marathon for bloggers


Write till your last breathe.




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