Friday Reflections #FF


I have feelings too.  I am still human.  All I want is to be loved, for myself and for my talent.

 ~ Marilyn Monroe

This week the #prompt of “Friday reflection” what you do when you are alone ? That is impossible with me, and Actually I enjoy my own company ! So the answer is simple, I would like to add few of my opinions which are based on the quotation ! I love Marilyn Monroe and her bold personality ! I too have feelings and emotions. After the week-long working hours stretched from 10-16 hours, all I expect is to be loved. But that necessarily mean  someone else ? Is that the only definition ? My answer is Big NO. You just need yourself. A kind and compassionate person can find joy in little things. So now the supplementary question comes up, what do I do when I’ve that emptiness feeling. My answer is I meditate. I think and I explore that feelings arena. I find the colors, paint-board, books, photography and participate in contests (12 won since Jan 2016). When everything seems unpromising to heart, I take my camera and walk out. I start shooting different objects, people and just go away anyplace by boarding random buses ! I like to be wander-lust ! My aim is to spread happiness and I do it always with both hands. Playing with kids on street and even watching clouds, seeing sunrise or watching sunset, even in hand shake with leaves of trees, I find my alter-ego. Finding little joy makes me happy again.A sense of that longing for myself and my talent, Ufff I lament that too.

Still my Heart is searching something I really  afraid of !

I will end this post with beautiful song by Justin Bieber ! Click on the lyrics for the song.

Can we, we keep
Keep each other company?
Maybe we, can be
Be each other’s company
Oh company
Let’s set each other’s lonely nights
Be each other’s paradise
Need a picture for my frame
Someone to share my reign
Tell me what you wanna drink
Tell you what I got in mind
Oh I don’t know your name
But I feel like that’s gonna change

Linking to the #FridayReflections  by Write Tribe  !

Love and Light to all !

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