It was war. War means loss. Loss in terms of blood, soldiers, dear ones, and sometimes feelings. War means loss. The Sun was about to set. The war wasn’t. Kayo was sitting on a rock watching the devastation and bloodshed on the battlefield. He was the General and Leading the army. But he was silent and still, holding his sword upright. He belonged to a warrior clan. He seemed little frown. The real war was going inside his mind. On and off. Between past and present. He closed his eyes and swing back to past. In a sudden flash he sees himself holding Marsha’s hands. He felt tenderness of her hands and in the next moment suddenly the scene was flashed. Today He saw those tender hands chopping his soldier’s body with  both hands. A total destroyer. With a feeling of blood that came over him in battlefield, he opens his eyes. Looks at pale sky and asks. He asks without words. His eyes look like striking thunderbolt on sky. Wind blows with smell of blood around. Suddenly Tear rolled down from his eyes. He saw that little dot on sand. With wounded hand, he tries to catch it as he lost something. He recalls his losses. They were huge. His existence interrogated him many questions today. Why war? What is  the reality of this duel? What will he achieve? What will be the outcome? 

 This is second last post, conveying that creation and destruction are connected with our emotions. After draining all our energy, negative emotions leaves us empty. But then there’s always a new beginning waiting for us. Stay Strong.

Thank you for reading my blog. 

I am giving a huge #shoutout to all participants in my post.

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Love and Light.


    1. Thanks a lot for appreciating my blog. It’s a long time, we all have wars to fight just like two characters in the post, we all have different motives but all are strangled with our emotions. So emotional stability is one point Outta it. 🌷

  1. Yesterday was a roller coaster day of sorts. I got to relive the ugliness of a moment of anger that consumed me ravaged me and left me a victim of a war I raged.

    The violence of our words, the violence in our thoughts. How different are they from bullets soaked in blood

    1. Absolutely true. Every time it’s not necessary to be war on the field, but in minds, struggling with our emotions is a brutal war itself. It’s the place where everything seeds into. So beware what you feed your mind.

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