And nothing but seeds that awaits your visit,

I bear all pain which never finishes.

……………….. continued

Cloud replied,

“I’ve become a beggar, pleading that pain to release me,

Each drop that falls is a silent prayer,

To reconcile the pain that’s within me

I wander alone in world that’s full of loss, hanged in Sky, and being tossed,

So whenever I press our memories into my chest, I send you Lightening,

Do you hear the sound, when my heart feels cracks.

I am sick of knowing listening your voices, said Earth

More frightening is letting it take shape inside me.

I want to stitch my suffering deep

in a place raindrops can no longer reach.

But they sprout and want to reach, grow taller, healthy in your size.

I’m afraid that I’ve let your absence sit in my chest for so long I, become a part of it 

I converse with my soul again and again

just to reach back in and rewrite the pain.

Become much larger than your pain.

I feed old wounds to feel alive in your absence.

Ache has become an anchor that begs and begs to drown me.

Think about those hungry animals, Who only are alive because we exists, 

 Else they would have extinct If we have listened our heart and escaped.

~ mpj

So in this way, Earth and Clouds living, calling each other everyday. But for sake of humanity, they are at a distance. Its difficult to live in separation from your loved ones. So with this mail. I complete the negative shades.  I will bring some more emotions in post 14 and 15. Stay tuned.

Thank you for reading my blog. 

I am giving a huge #shoutout to all participants in my post.

I am Participating in Half Marathon Blogging Challenge with Blogchatter


Love and Light.


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